Marcelina Haftka

& interpreter

               Translations and interpretations

                      at construction sites of

commercial galleries, production plants, roads,
underground and above ground railways

               Technical and legal language
               FIDIC contracts and subcontracts

               Environmental impact assessment

               Health & Safety procedures

               Audit interpretations at factories
              (specialisation: social and quality audits)

translator (at)


(applications, technical documentation, online shops, PC and on-line games, etc.)

Document translation
(correspondence, packaging, offers, press releases, etc.)

As well as...


Book translation

- Abstracts of articles in "The Demographic Past of Poland. Materials and Studies" Vol. 25
               (edited by the Polish Academy of Sciences) PL > EN - see the cover on the left
- Chapters from Paul Evdokimov's books FR > PL
- Appendices to a book about tennis EN > PL

Article translation

- History of religious art and architecture in Europe FR < > PL, EN < > PL
- Religion and religious art in the Ancient Egypt FR < > PL, EN < > PL
- A series of articles about spices and beverages FR > PL





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